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I founded 1st Choice Doors, LLC. to allow central Indiana customers an opportunity to receive quality products, exceptional service and the knowledge customers need and deserve from a garage door and entry door company. With over 20 years of experience in garage door and entry door sales, service and installation, I wanted to give customers a new choice by starting 1st Choice Doors, Inc.

At 1st Choice Door, Inc. we believe that by providing the customer with all of the facts, information and choices about a product the customer can then make the best choice for their specific needs and budget. We strongly feel that a customer does not need to be pressured into any purchase; once the customer has all the correct and honest information they will choose what is right for themselves.

1st Choice Doors, Inc. is a family-owned company that values and appreciates every customer regardless of job size or customer budget. Our goal is to build a strong long term relationship with you and your family and or business. I will always be available to personally help a customer with any questions or concerns if they should arise.

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